New cutting-edge lighting added to the Microhire lineup

Microhire on 5 August 2016

  • New LED Wash Lighting Fixtures
  • New Sharpy Moving Beam Fixtures
  • New Clarity LX900 Lighting Control Console

At Microhire, we are constantly enhancing and refining our inventory to ensure we can always provide our clients with the very latest in event technology.

We recently added a selection of new products to our lighting offering, including cutting-edge LED wash lights and moving beam fixtures, both complimented by the implementation of a new lighting console.

These lighting systems were chosen after months of assessment and product-analysis. We don't add new technology to our inventory unless we are 100% certain of its ability to deliver superior performance.

Here are details regarding our new lighting options, as well as what our Senior Lighting Technical Director Rohan Wilson had to say about their introduction.

1. New LED Wash Lighting Fixtures

This bolstering of Microhire's lighting inventory began with the delivery of 24 new intelligent LED wash lighting fixtures.

After extensive product-analysis and no fewer than eight product demonstrations, we decided upon the ILED-CM350Z fixtures as supplied by ULA Group Australia.

Rohan said that there were a number of factors which made the decision easy for him.

“I wanted something that would give a nice colour palette, a broad zoom range, and a high quality of workmanship.

One of the features I really liked about this fixture was the zoom. The range of a 5°-50° zoom gives us a very versatile fixture and the speed in which it can change the zoom is very impressive."

ULA Group were extremely supportive throughout the entire testing and evaluation phase. We were also impressed by their commitment to quality products and aftermarket support.

2. New Sharpy Moving Beam Fixtures

8 beam led lights2We complimented our lighting inventory further by purchasing eight 230w Sharpy Moving Beam Fixtures.

Rohan said the following regarding these purchases,

"The Beams are perfect for cutting through other lighting when you need to highlight a big moment.

With a 2 degree beam and an even field of brightness they are perfect for big jobs with lots of lighting when you need impact.

Unlike other moving fixtures the beams create a laser like ray that cuts through other lighting and effects including smoke machines."

"We don't add new technology to our inventory unless we are 100% certain of its ability to deliver."

3. New Clarity LX900 Lighting Control Console

LX900 Lighting Control Console

When it comes to lighting, having great fixtures without a great console is like having a cutting-edge computer without a keyboard and mouse. One compliments the other, improving the user experience, functionality and overall output.

Therefore, when it came to choosing a new lighting control console, we knew that it was of vital importance that we select the right system. And, that is ultimately why we chose the Clarity LX900.

The Clarity is a class-leading lighting control console, equipped with numerous unique design features. These features allow the operator to focus on the creative elements of the light show while minimising disruptions caused by convoluted menus and sub-menus.

While the Clarity may look like a daunting prospect, the ease of menu structure and 'plug and play' style of operation make it a joy to use. The unique design features, available at the touch of a button, have seen the Microhire team take to the Clarity with great enthusiasm.

"Having great fixtures without a great console is like having a cutting-edge computer without a keyboard and mouse."

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These new lighting systems are just the latest addition to our extensive inventory of event lighting technologies. To find out more about our entire range, click on the link below.

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