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Microhire on 15 February 2016

pivot summit main speaker

Thanks to modern digital tools, events can engage audiences like never before – even if an audience member is not physically in the room! Everything from social media, webcasting, audience polling and speaker management is possible with the right mix of digital tools.

The 2015 Pivot Summit in Geelong is the perfect case study to demonstrate the power of two digital event solutions: social media and webcasting.

Working with event organiser Perfect Events and software specialist Codeacious, we helped create an immersive and engaging event both for those in attendance, and for those tuning in digitally. These solutions appropriately tied into the conference's theme of digital innovation.

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Digital Solution 1: Social Media Integration

live tweets integration

Social media is now an important part of almost any event. Audiences are no longer passive observers of the activities around them; they are becoming part of the conversation of the event through social media. In fact, the event's audience is now actively shaping the direction of conversation.

Although social media presents new opportunities for creating engaging events – in forms of awareness and marketing – there are also risks involved. Spam, negative or obscene content risk tainting a brand or event message, which derails constructive conversation and can cause offence. The solution is to have a solid social media strategy in place for your event, using platforms that can moderate and filter the right content, as well as make sure that the most useful content is being seen online.

Pivot 2015 was built around extending the conference's conversation to a wider digital audience. Twitter was an integral part of the conversation, and was even used as tool for audience members to cast questions to speakers. In this application, we placed social media screens around key areas of the event space to be used as a platform for the live tweeting tool.

Digital Solution 2: Webcasting

casting conference digitally

Events are no longer restricted to physical space. With the right digital set-up, events can leverage the power of digital technology and broadcast their event live, anywhere in the world, via a webcast. Now, the size of your audience is no longer restricted – from a neighbouring city to one half way across the world.

When webcasting is combined with social media, your event becomes a powerful digital platform for discussion, entertainment and networking. Although not every aspect of an event can be outsourced into the digital realm, at least part of the experience can be replicated through a webcast.

The 2015 Pivot Summit was built around extending the conversation to a digital audience. Twitter was an integral part of the conversation, and was used as tool for audience members to cast questions to speakers. Using two cameras, we streamed the presentation material to LED walls and projectors to maximise visibility for the audience in attendance, as well as streaming this material using a live Youtube platform.

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conference setup

Integrate digital and physical: a complete event solution

Not every aspect of an event can be digitally replicated; events will always incorporate a core physical element. The traditional elements of events – guest speakers, networking, atmosphere and branding – will continue to play a central role in events, while being supported by new digital tools.

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