400 event goers make their vote count

Microhire on 8 August 2016

  • RespondIT counts and announces 350+ votes
  • Hilton Manufacturing crowned winner in real-time
  • Technology used to capture audience data

Wednesday April 13 saw over 400 people come together at Sandown Greyhound Racing Club to celebrate the 25th Premier Regional Business Awards Gala Dinner.

The event recognises excellence in business and industry within the Greater Dandenong region, with a handful of awards being delivered to exceptional local businesses.

One of those accolades was the coveted 'people's choice' award, which was determined using a poll of the event's 400 strong audience of local business owners and residents.

In order for votes to be accurately counted in real-time, event organisers used BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and RespondIT Audience Polling provided by the team at Microhire.

350+ votes cast and counted in 30 seconds

Audience polling screen

Votes were cast, counted and displayed in real-time. Image credit: Greaterdandenongchamber.com.au

While votes in the recent federal election were still being counted weeks after polling day, votes at the Premier Regional Business Awards were cast, counted and displayed in real-time.

Throughout the evening, voting was opened for each award category. The audience of 400 guests then had 30 seconds to cast their vote for the nominees.

Their votes were collated instantly and the results then displayed on accompanying event screens for all to see.

Using the RespondIT Audience Polling system, event organisers received an average of 350 votes via SMS and online (BYOD) in each category. The winners were identified straightaway.

This is an outcome that would not have been possible with a headcount or manual voting.

Hilton Manufacturing voted overall winner

Recipients of a Premier Regional Business Award

Recipients of a Premier Regional Business Award. Image credit: Greaterdandenongchamber.com.au

The night ended with a 60-second live voting window, which displayed constantly updating results on the main screen before an overall winner was crowned.

The winner and the recipient of the 2016 People’s Choice Premier Regional Business Award was Hilton Manufacturing, while Juwita Jouhari was announced as the winner of the Youth Enterprise Award.

The four finalists were Hilton Manufacturing, HM Gem Engines, Jayco and Daniels Health.


"For votes to be accurately counted in real-time, event organisers used the RespondIT Audience Polling system."

Event organisers capture audience data

Audience polling made the awards night more interactive.

Audience polling helped make the night interactive. Image credit: Greaterdandenongchamber.com.au

Event organisers also used the RespondIT system to capture a vast amount of audience data, including the names and phone numbers of attendees.

This data was collated and downloaded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet within minutes of the event ending.

Overall, the Premier Regional Business Awards proved what can be done with the power of audience polling.

Event organisers in partnership Microhire and Gener8 Events used RespondIT to enhance engagement, deliver instant results and make the entire night more interactive.

The options for RespondIT are limitless. It is also ideal for audience questions and answers and has been successfully used on a wide range of event types.

"The RespondIT System did do what we required, which was fantastic."

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